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How did it begin?


In 2012 a group of enthusiastic young people gather together and they start dotsports, out of love of the game. Football / Soccer is in the heart of each and every one here at dotsports.

Who we are?


We are an established company based in Cyprus. Our cause is to assist our clients / players to achieve their dreams; without hassle and only in the most professional way.

What make us so special?


Our enthusiasm is filling us with energy to achieve the best for us and our clients. We are individuals with passion in football. We are educated people in several fields and this blending of knowledge is what makes our team so unique.

We provide only the best for our players


Always with the player and his/her family in mind we:


Find the most ideal club


Negotiate and re-negotiate contracts


Providing the best solution for the player and his family in housing,    child education and in general to settle down with out any hassle.


Provide marketing strategists and public relations


Youth development